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We have a retail/wholesale Nursery Called Barwon Bamboo's.
Below is our price list of what we grow and will be updated regularly.
Our main focus is Bamboo, with other lines we grow such as a range of Mondo Grass, Pig face and English box. Give us a call so we can arrange a appointment or we can arrange transport.

Bamboo - Retail Prices
200mm Pot
Bamboo Approx
1m Tall
250mm pot
Bamboo Approx
2m Tall
330mm Pot Bamboo Approx
3m tall
Bambusa multiplex cv. (Alphonse Karr)
$ 30-44.00
$ 80.00
Bambusa multiplex cv. (Silverstrip Bamboo)
Bambusa multiplex cv. (fern Leaf)
Bambusa textilis Gracilis- (Slender Weaver)
$ 55.00-$ 68.00
$ 120.00
$ 220.00
Bambusa oldhamii- (Giant timber Bamboo)
$ 44.00
$ 66.00
$ 150.00
Bambusa ventricosa- (Buddha Belly)
Bambusa vulgaris cv, Wamin - (Giant Buddha Belly)
Bambusa albo minor- (cream stripe Bamboo)
Himalycalamus porcatus - (Napalese Blue)
$ 66.00

 Dendrocalamus asper
 75mm Pot 3'
 100mm Pot 4'
 140mm Pot 6'
 Ophiopogan japonicus- (Mondo Grass)
 Ophiopogan japonicus nanus- (Dwarf mondo grass)
 Ophiopogan planiscapus nigrescens- (Black Mondo Grass)
 50mm Pot 2'
 100mm Pot 4"
 Mesembryanthemum 'Mauve'
 $ 2.45
 $ 4.20
 Mesembryanthemum 'Pink'
 $ 2.45
 $ 4.20
 Mesembryanthemum 'Red'
 $ 2.45
 $ 4.20
 Mesembryanthemum 'Yellow'
 $ 2.45
 $ 4.20

Bambus multiplex ' Alhonse Karr' 200mm Pot
3-4m High Culm diameter 4cm Min Temp -12c Frost tolerant Full Sun/Partshade Description- Pinkish shoots become green-striped, yellow culms. One of the more desirable hedging Bamboo that loves to be cleaned up every so often.
Price: $44.00
Bambusa textilis Gracilis 200mm pot
6-8m High- Culm diameter 4cm A clumping Bamboo that acts great as a hedge to screen out the unwanted sites in the landscape. Very fast growing non invasive Bamboo
Price: $55.00
Himalayacalamus porcatus 200mm pot
3.5m High- A clumping Bamboo that likes part shade and kept away from the full day sun
Price: $66.00

Bambusa multiplex cv. 
Alphonse Karr

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